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You are in an open field. On one side of you is a deep pit, filled with bones and ashes and hellish things. On the other side is your house, yours sons, the Fjord, and the sunlight is striking the snow high on the mountains. If you want to reach your house, then you must push the baby out as Freya would. Let him rip you, but push out. Choose life.

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By night one way, by day another

Thus shall be the norm

Till you receive true love’s kiss

then, take love’s true form

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The truth is you couldn’t kill me…

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   Omg that Dethan sleeping beauty fic Omfg! It kind of broke my heart at the end. I would love some kind of continuation at some point because I really need more from that universe. So many things that you could explore... Ahhhh u don't /have/ to tho.

Oh I already have plans to continue it. I can’t leave it there. :)

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Love always wakes the dragon and
flames everywhere

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make me choose:

allisonargentey asked: erica or boyd?

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sweetheart… I think I can handle a werewolf

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