SC GRAPHIC BATTLE - (allhalestilinski) vs (hales-emissary)

↳ ROUND 2: full body & werewolf

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Shall we begin?!

Agron | The super beast

Tell me I was wrong about you. Tell me you are not the serpent I thought you to be.

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Endless list of favorite movies: The Boondock Saints (1999)

And Shepherds we shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.

H a k u n a M a t a t a

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Chapter 4 of my Jaiden soulmate fic is up! :)

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you force me up again. seeking answers. but i have no answers. only truth. stones and bones. i see a river. two shores. three sides. i see life; splitting, joining and struggling. each for itself.  

                      a l o n e .

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"Dethan and Marrish"


I don’t ship Marrish, I’m sorry.


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Vikings - Season 3
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